Tuesday, May 3, 2016

FCBD Countdown: 4 Days! ENTER: THE ART-MAN!

©2016 Tim Murphy
Free Comic Book Day is only 4 days away!

When you come get a free sketch from me at Cosmic Comix in Catonsville, MD on Saturday, you can pick up a copy of my self-published pirate adventure comic, Pieces of Eight, for $5! When you buy Pieces of Eight, you can pick up one of my previous prints OR a copy of my superhero parody, "ART-MAN" absolutely FREE!

Art-Man was invented when I was an art teacher. I would use comic books in my instruction wherever possible. When I was asked to appear on the morning announcements as a superhero, I grabbed my Superman costume (from Halloween 2009), put on my Captain America gloves (from Halloween 2012), and threw on a Ninja Turtle mask (from... okay there's no way around it. I just... happened to have a Ninja Turtle mask.) And so was born... ART-MAN: A two-dimensional "you'll-never-get-away-with-this" parody of all the familiar superhero tropes through the eyes of an Art teacher. (One of Art-Man's villains is Rip Crumpler, who wants to destroy everything and start over--a perfectionist-type habit of many students!)

The comics are short, simple, and hopefully as fun to read as they were to draw-- and you can get one FREE with your purchase of Pieces of Eight #1!

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